Practice What Relieves your Stress & Tension

by Blayne Soriano, Level 2 CrossFit Coach and CrossFit Kids Coach

Relaxation these days seems harder and harder to find. Especially for the entrepreneurs, the working moms, the overworked dads, etc.

Our world is so fast-paced and surrounded by so much technology and instant gratification that we really need to slow down and find our inner peace. We need to know what grounds us, what relaxes us.

So many of us are in the rat race that we can’t wait for that vacation, can’t wait for the weekend, etc., but I think we should really find a way to constantly live in the now.

Try and find small wins for relaxation throughout your days. Maybe it’s a neighborhood walk, swapping a workout in the gym for a hike outside in nature, maybe it’s a movie at night, a hot bath, 20 minutes of quiet time or even journaling.

MasterClass suggests increasing relaxation while decreasing stress by slowing down. And ways to do that?

  • Do a puzzle.
  • Establish a morning routine that eases the start of your day (meditation, exercise, choosing your work clothes the night before, for example).
  • Make a to-do list to help you decide what to do when.
  • Pay attention. Be present. Practice slowness at points in your day.
  • Listen to a podcast that supports your desire to relax, whether a self-help guide or one on a topic you enjoy.
  • Put down your smartphone; spend less time searching your email.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Read.
  • Set boundaries.
  • Stop multitasking.

When I think of relaxing, I think of slowing down, clearing my mind space and letting my body just be. Nothing wrong with planning time to relax and refuel your mental and physical body.