Practice Healthy Living for your Family

by Cathy Clements, Nutritionist & Life Coach, NASM CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

You all have heard me speak about eating well and exercising, but healthy living is so much more. Think family togetherness.

Our health, I believe, starts with good nutrition and movement of some kind. I recommend exercising (an organized movement that raises heart rate). This exercise can be modified so families can do it together.

Eating well for one person doesn’t look the same for another, even within the same household. Finding the time to eat together, though, allows for the opportunity to talk about the events of the day, work through challenges that may have come up for one family member or an issue that affects the household or a new thing that one of you discovered.

This community time is needed. We are communal creatures. Talking through our day or problems and helping each other aids us in strengthening relationships and lowering our stress levels.

Hand in hand with these conversations would be to turn off or turn down electronics. Have a specific time when electronics get turned off to provide quiet relaxation time, preparation time for the following day or have a conversation not interrupted with notifications.

Some make this time about an hour before bedtime.

This disconnection will additionally help our sleep. It may take a little time to get used to this, but eventually the benefits will be felt. Sleeping well, aids our bodies in recovering from the day, from exercise and helps us figure things out in our sleep. Having quality sleep is good for our minds and bodies.

Any and all of these can look differently for every member of a family. Finding common ground to do some of them together will enhance our relationships and hopefully bring us into closer more understanding relationships.

So, find time to have a meal together without electronics, including a television on. Go for a hike or a walk around the neighborhood. Enjoy getting to know about each other’s day. Our healthy life involves lower stress, quality relationships, good nutrition and movement.

Let’s decide on one new thing to do together and see where that takes us!