Play Healthy & Have Fun

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy

Two of my favorite things is playing healthy and having fun.

Did you know pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.? Why? Because it’s fun and anybody can play.

Pickleball has been found to improve eye-hand coordination, balance and overall muscle strength. The endorphins produced by playing pickleball also improve overall mental balance.

In the past six years, pickleball courts have sprouted up in Prescott in private and public places. Pioneer Park has 12 public courts with the Prescott Pickleball Association partnering with Prescott Recreation Services to provide lessons, programs and events for the community.

There are people picking up a paddle for the first time every day in the Prescott area. The sport is growing.

Jim Thomas, CEO of Espire Sports, understands this and wanted to combine state-of-the-art pickleball with golf, corn hole, table tennis, food and entertainment so families and friends could make a one stop for their exercise and entertainment.

Espire Sports, opening in April at the Gateway Mall, will be the first to combine all of these under one roof. With 17 indoor courts that have an outdoor surface and six outdoor courts, Prescott will have the largest facility in Arizona.

What else is planned?

  • Golf — Simulation has taken golf to a new level. You can play any course in about 1 hour and the technology is so advanced; the experience is just amazing.
  • Corn Hole —There are corn hole teams in the Prescott area that play every week and many enthusiasts practice or “throw bags” every day.
  • Food and healthy drink — There will be a juice bar, focusing on healthy concoctions that are delicious. There will also be a healthy gastro pub for lunch and dinner. Yummy!

Thomas says he wants families and friends to find a new and healthy home where they can play all day. I can’t wait!

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