Planning Ahead of Holiday Parties Allows You to Indulge a Bit

by Cathy Clements, Nutritionist & Life Coach, NSAM, CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

Most of us have begun to socialize again. We enter this holiday season with hope and optimism, but when faced with all of the delicacies the holidays bring, will we give into the temptations for that moment of pleasure? 

The uncertainties of this year haven’t been kind for some of our waistlines. Being out and seeing friends brings us joy, but if you have begun or are on a specific eating program then think about your approach to party eating ahead of time.  

Walking away from buffets containing sweets and foods we tie to this time of year takes confidence, courage and a “No thank you” response. Practice your response, it’s not always easy to get your eyes and hands to do what your head is telling them!  

Perhaps have your hands busy holding a bottle of sparkling water or bring something more friendly to your nutrition goals to pop in your mouth, like a sugar-free mint. 

Eating before going out helps. Fill up on your nutrition-friendly meal, and when you are out have just a bite of that goodie your friend made. Savor the flavor by eating slowly. 

Some of the easiest way to keep on track are:

  • Maintaining your exercise schedule — especially if you are going out that evening.
  • Drinking your water — think half your body weight in ounces to start and then two glasses between each glass of alcohol.
  • Sleeping — do you best to stay on schedule with the time you go to bed and the time you rise.
  • Intermittent fasting — start from the time you finish eating dinner through the night until the time you break your fast. Aim for 15 total hours. 
  • Limiting your caffeine intake.

Dr. Susan Albers says in her book 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, that if food is a stress reliever for you, consider stepping back and getting a massage, drinking a warm cup of herbal tea, or getting in an energetic walk or yoga session.