Pets Can Aid Sleep

by Loree Walden, Marketing Manager, Yavapai Humane Society

It’s the great debate: Do we let our pets sleep with us or not?

Some people are adamant about not allowing their pets in bed with them, and some can’t imagine not having their pets with them. Fifty-five percent of pet owners surveyed said they share their bed with at least one dog.

Studies find that sleeping with your pet is actually good for you.

A dog’s steady heartbeat, body warmth and protective nature can help you feel safe and cozy. Dogs are known for helping with depression and anxiety, so can you guess what having one sleeping next to you could do?

Whether awake or asleep they help us relax and increase our flow of oxytocin, the love chemical. Which means, our dogs are basically a living antidepressant.

For even more proof of the soothing effects our dogs have on us, it’s been shown that when owners and dogs are close to each other, their heartbeats synchronize. Imagine the amazing night of rest you’ll have cuddled next to each other with your hearts beating in unison?

Your dog or cat loves being with you as much as you love having them there. They provide comfort, snuggles and help you feel cozy and at ease.

For those living alone, sleeping by themselves sometimes adds to depression and discomfort, so having your pet with you provides companionship, relaxation and security to help you sleep better.

Other reasons to have your pets sleep with you include: less chance of insomnia; better health, including a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved sleep quality; and creating a special bond with your pet.

Be sure to keep safety in mind when having your pets sleep with you. Nobody wants to sleep with a stinky pet, so make sure you keep your pet clean to keep dirt and allergens to a minimum in bed.

Be sure to take them out before bedtime as nobody wants to wake up to a wet bed because of an accident. And make sure to keep pets above the covers to avoid any kind of loss of air for them.

Whether you decide to allow your pet to sleep with you, or not, make sure each of you has a comfy cozy place to sleep and get the rest needed to stay healthy.

Nighty night, sleep tight!