Own your Life’s Balance

by Lynell Cavner, Owner & Master Certified Bowen Practitioner, Lynell & Company

Happy New Year to all those reading this magazine wanting to live a healthy life. I am with you.

How balanced is your body going into the new year? Do you know? The word “balance” is the most popular and important word spoken within my clinic walls. Everything in life is better when your body is in balance.

A balanced body is one of contentment within the mind, body and soul. If you have only effort (constant motion), your body will break down. If you have only ease (resting), you will have a difficult time moving forward. Giving yourself equal effort and equal ease will help bring balance to your body and your mind.

Leonardo DaVinci said this about balance: “Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work, your judgement will be sure; since to remain constantly at work, will cause you to lose power of judgement. Go some distance away because the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance, and a lack of harmony or proportion is more readily seen.”

For this new year, take some time to reflect on where you are off balance or lacking joy, motivation or peace.

Then, make an effort and ease into taking a baby step forward to bring about a little more balance within your life. If this means setting boundaries for yourself then do it. Maybe read a little more, walk a little farther, eat an extra vegetable, find a few more things to smile about, say an extra prayer or two, look up more often and breathe a little deeper each day.

You own this — it’s up to you.