Overcoming Post Holiday Inflammation

by Anita Farrelly, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM, and Jessica Dickinson, RN, BSN, Owners, Aboost Wellness

It’s a New Year! Yay! The tree and stockings are taken down, streamers and confetti cleaned up, and it’s time for new beginnings, resolutions, goals and opportunities. 

Only one issue — you might not feel motivated.

It’s cold outside, a little darker than usual, and staying in the warm house sounds so comforting. One of the struggles with winter months is staying active. Loose-fitting sweatpants and stretchy yoga pants are so easy to hide in.

And you may be suffering from Post-Holiday Inflammation. Yes, all those yummy cookies, pies, potlucks and treats you tried to resist, may be messing with your New Year’s zen.

According to research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumes more than 150 pounds of sugar a year. And the holidays are an invitation to overindulge in more sugar yumminess than the rest of the year. 

The gingerbread house you dabbled in last month while having an extra glass of wine or a holiday cocktail may have created an accumulation of sugar in your body and be overloading your liver. This may contribute to you feeling tired and having achy joints, as well as putting you at risk for other chronic medical conditions. 

Eating a healthy diet and exercising is the ideal way of boosting your energy and motivation, however, sometimes we just need a little kick start to get off the couch and this is where IV hydration can help.

An option to improve your mood, combat winter inflammation and assist with decreasing fatigue is an infusion full of vitamins and minerals, along with hydration. Imagine sitting in your warm house, cozied up to the fire having a registered nurse provide you with B vitamins to boost your energy, vitamin C and glutathione to help detoxify your liver while boosting your immune system, and some magnesium to chill your post-holiday tight muscles, achy joints and tension.

An infusion takes less than an hour.

IV vitamins and hydration help cleanse your cellular system and do not have to be digested orally. They are fast, safe and a convenient way to boost your overall health and energy and get you back to moving in no time.