Outdoor Workouts Make You Love Fall Even More

Summer is beautiful in Greater Prescott, drawing visitors from across the state and world to savor its wondrous lakes, challenging mountains, luxuriant forests and otherworldly granite boulders and walls.

But its warmest days and biggest crowds can make it difficult to get outside as much as we’d like to, even though many of us are at our happiest and most energetic when we’re under the sun. Now we can emerge from our homes and gyms to inhale the sheer goodness of our surroundings and infuse our bodies and souls with it through our favorite outdoor workouts!

If hiking and running are your two favorite activities, don’t feel like you have to choose between the two! It can get a little too hot in the summer to really enjoy this, but slicing through the crisp fall air between trees of all sizes and colors while leaves crunch under your feet can be electrifying!

This may take you back to your school days, but this playground staple definitely isn’t kids’ play. This cardio pounder will have you picturing Muhammed Ali as you hop and skip, maybe on a pile of (nonslippery) leaves to cushion your joints a bit.

Doing the salutations and stretching and bending and focusing is so much easier when you’re in nature with so many natural and soothing sights and sounds beckoning to you. The cleansing fresh air will be so much more refreshing than what you’re going to be able to get in any indoor setting.

The trails are considerably less crowded, giving riders a little more room to spread their wings as they swing and glide past the wonders of the landscape, with the coming chill in the air wicking away your heat and urging you over that next hill.

As long as you’re carrying your clubs and not riding in the cart, this can be a pretty solid cardio and strength activity, made more enjoyable than ever by the mild autumn weather and ever-changing leaves and needles. They’ll even take the edge off those frustrating missed shots!