One Mother’s Thoughts

by Raven Paccioni, General Manager, Raven Cafe

We are living in strange times as we end the year of 2020. With no end in sight and the holidays creeping around the corner, how can we stay positive? This profound, personal shift we have all endured is causing us to adapt in ways we never thought we could. Especially parents! 

I want to give working parents a bit of inspiration, confidence and balance. We could all use a little bit of that to keep our minds healthy.

 Being the general manager of Raven Cafe comes with much joy. It also comes with many challenges that have made me a smarter woman and mother. Put a pandemic on top like a cherry on a sundae .. .and boom! … everyday challenges just got harder. 

Between mask mandates, home-schooling and the election, my brain was becoming overloaded, along with my body feeling the physical stress of it all. The stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation is where I adapted, changed my mindset, started to find the silver lining in it all. 

I decided to look at this entire situation differently. We all are learning new skills. At home, my two boys, 6 and 7, are learning how to use a computer with efficiency. Yes, they know technology in terms of contemporary games. What online school has forced them to learn is Microsoft Word, Google documents, Google calendars, and most of all, learning self-discipline. 

I have learned new skills on marketing, social media, live-streaming and overall distanced promotions. I feel lighter knowing I have taken the worst of times and turned them into a learning experience. 

Overall, I hope you all can learn from my optimism. Make the adaptation to whatever life throws at you. Our holidays will look different, but I am OK with that. I have to be. We need to stay safe and also take the time to love the ones around us. 

It is easy to say, “Look at the glass half full,” but when you execute that thought, it can turn pessimism into optimism. 

Thank you for listening. I hope you relate.