One Month Challenge: Change your Diet, Change your Life!

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form
of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” —Ann Wigmore

by Jion Sommer, Nutritionist, Reiki Master & Meditation Teacher, Owner, Living Proof Naturally

A bout five years ago my healing and food journey began when I went to a nutritionist who put me on a vegan WFPB (whole food plant-based) diet and took me off gluten to heal my gut.

Within two weeks I saw a huge difference. The inflammation and pain was almost non-existent. And this began my healing journey from multiple sclerosis and lupus. It gave me my life back, and within several months I went off of palliative care that I had been on for three years.

I was slowly dying from the foods I was eating; they were causing the inflammation in my body and brain, contributing to keeping the M.S. and lupus alive and well — but not me!

If you have vowed to eat and get healthier in 2024 then I challenge you to try a WFPB diet for one month and see how you feel.

That’s all.

And after your challenge, you may find that you migrate to healthier food choices in the future or you continue with a WFPB diet in 2024. Either way you win.

Don’t be surprised when you feel better, have more energy and vitality than before the challenge.

Other side effects of a WFPB diet are weight loss, blood sugars and blood pressure normalize, heart conditions improve, arthritis inflammation and pain is gone and so many more health benefits.

Here are some free resources to get you started and inspired:

  • PETA has a two-week vegan meal plan full of great recipes:
  • A how-to vegan resource including recipes and tips for eating out as well as a free vegan starter kit packed with info and coupons:

Whatever your health goals are for 2024, I am sending you much love and support for your health journey. You can do this!

Here is something I know to be true as I am living proof of this: If you don’t take time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness. (Read that again.)

May all Beings Benefit