Off-Roaders can Take Thumb Butte Loop to Enjoy Fantastic Sights

by Jesse Wasil, Founder & CEO, Summit 4×4 Company

Just a few miles outside of historic downtown Prescott, Copper Basin Road crosses with Thumb Butte Loop. This is a scenic getaway that any off-roader can enjoy.

The trail is free of any off-road obstacles, just the occasional washboard road and slight rocky areas. But don’t worry, Thumb Butte Loop is no problem for your standard SUV or Jeep.

This loop takes you to what feels like the edge of the world and is the perfect getaway for those looking for a stress-free adventure. The lookout is a great place to take in the sights of Skull Valley and is the perfect spot to catch a sunset or meteor shower.

There are plenty of trailheads in the area should you feel the need to get a hike in or explore before hopping back in the vehicle. With plenty of primitive campsites, single tracks and hiking trails, this quick getaway also seconds as a great place to spend the afternoon or night.

For those who don’t want the wheeling to end, Thumb Butte Loop connects to a network of additional off-road trails, allowing you to extend your adventure and explore more of Prescott’s hidden beauty.

In the winter months, this trail is a common place among locals to enjoy some snow wheeling and practice their off-road and recovery skills.

Photo: Summit 4×4 Company