My Health is Failing Me, HELP! Part 1

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

We don’t have to check our brain at the door when we go to the doctor’s office, yet that’s usually the expectation of many health providers.

If you start asking questions or don’t want to do what you’re told, they get upset, get mad and many times won’t treat you. That’s when I leave as quickly as I can get out the door.

Today there are so many fantastic resources to research on the internet. If you are not a reader, YouTube presents numerous creditable doctors and educators, even top university professors, teaching about your health and how you can become your own best health advocate.

I like a variety of teachers, to compare notes.

I have been a lifelong student and helped many through the years with research on getting to the root cause of their health issues.

Working in a hospital lab taught me how to go through a process of elimination to determine the root cause of many diseases and illnesses. It created a desire to figure out why our bodies begin to fail us.

I believe we are aging way too fast due to many things totally preventable. I also believe the human body knows how to heal itself.

The trick is to learn what best feeds our more than 200 types of cells. Cells need more than healthy foods to keep them healthy, but that is an essential start.

Intermittent fasting is quickly rising to the top of research as one of the newest ways to help our body defeat many health issues. Studies are ramping up as the results are impressive when it comes to diabetes, heart issues and just about every health issue we face.

Everybody’s heard of fasting, it’s been around since biblical times, but intermittent fasting is a new concept.

Intermittent fasting is choosing a set number of hours to eat every day with a specific time to start and stop.

The most common way to start is pick an eight-hour window, known as the feeding window, to eat. Then stop for 16 hours to let your body rest from digestion and get down to detoxing and rebuilding new cells and tissue.

Join me next month for Part 2, Fasting and your Digestive System. In the meantime, check out Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube.