Morning Habits Can Aid Weight Loss

When you’re on a weight loss journey every step gets you either closer to or further away from your goal. Making the right decisions in the morning by plugging them into your routine can give your efforts an extra boost while setting a positive tone for the rest of the day!

Step On The Scale

For tracking your weight it’s important to weigh yourself at the same time of day, and doing it as soon as you get out of bed and go to the bathroom will yield the most accurate numbers, before the digestion process starts again. Several studies have linked weighing yourself daily to more weight loss, helping you build up willpower against overeating that tends to wane once you stop paying close attention to that number.

Step Into The Light

Don’t hide from the sun while you’re waking up, as tempting as it can be. Throw open the curtains or pull up the blinds to bring some of that Arizona sunlight into your face. Step outside to access some vitamin D when the rays are less damaging for your skin, even if you don’t have time for a full workout. A small study by Northwestern University researchers even found a correlation between morning sun exposure and lower BMI!

Pack Protein Into Your Breakfast (and Lunch)

Eating some carbs first thing provides immediate fuel to get yourself revved up, but protein is also essential for providing satiety when you’re done eating and gives you a steadier energy source for the hours to come. It’s also a really good idea to pack your lunch if you can, either in the morning or the night before to avoid impulse or fast-food lunches and setting yourself up for getting the right amount of protein — it’s best to spread your protein consumption throughout the day.

Hydration Station

Fitness and nutrition experts have long touted the positive effects of drinking water, water and more water, especially in the morning. While the results of studies of whether morning water consumption has special benefits beyond any other time of day have been inconsistent, there’s little doubt adequate hydration is key for many body and brain functions. How much water is needed differs between individuals, but be sure you know your body and drink a significant amount of fluid in the morning.

Work It Out

If you are able, it’s a good idea to get at least some of your daily exercise done in the morning before the whims of the day start pulling you in different directions that make afternoon or evening plans go awry. The question of whether you get more weight-loss bang for your exercise buck early on or later in the day has been endlessly researched and any schedule has pluses and minuses. Yet morning exercise has come out on top of many studies for sustainability, burning more fat (especially on an empty stomach), improving brain function and enhancing mood.