Make Time for Exercise, but, How?

by Jodi Gilray-Szostak, PT, DPT, c/NDT, Jodi Gilray Pediatric Therapy

When you truly value something or someone, you make time. If you don’t make time for wellness, your body is likely to respond negatively over time. For example, kids who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have back pain.

It’s true (and unfortunate) that we can’t just bake up a nice steaming hot pot of extra time when we need it. As a result, there’s not always an easy answer on how to make time for exercise on a busy schedule, even when it comes to our kids.

Considering that exercise is a must for a healthy body and mind, you may want to consider reevaluating where time is placed during the day. Is there an area where you can make a cut? Can you find time early or later in the day? Taking a step back to understand your current routine can help reveal an answer.

Make Time by Using Shorter Intervals

Who said you had to move that body all at once? If you have 10 minutes, have your kiddo take those 10 minutes to run around the yard or complete some of their therapy exercises. If you have an hour, get more movement in.

A little more intentional exercise is a lot better than none at all. You can also set a few timers throughout the day if that helps. Once the timer goes off, it is time to move. Do what works for your schedule, and remember that a little bit can still go a very long way.

Sign Up For a Program or School Sport

Looking for evening or morning exercise for kids? Get them involved with a school sport. Allow them to select a sport they are interested in and watch them soar from there. Should they have a love for soccer or gymnastics or something else, you’ll definitely want to help them pursue what they will love. Plus, they’ll be able to interact and be social with other kids.

Are sports not your child’s thing? That’s OK too! Consider a dance off at home, yoga, swimming lessons, hiking or gardening.