Make More Time for Exercise

by Jodi Gilray-Szostak, PT, DPT, c/NDT, Jodi Gilray Pediatric Therapy

Sometimes in our busy lives, we need to take a step back and evaluate where our time should be spent. For our kids, there’s resounding evidence that suggests more movement of the body is the way to be.

Whether you’re looking to help your child make time for exercise or simply more time to play, here are some ideas. 


It’s true that we can’t just bake up a nice steaming hot pot of extra time when we need it.

Considering that exercise is a must for a healthy body and mind, you may want to consider reevaluating where time is placed during the day. Is there an area where you can make a cut? Can you find time early or later in the day?

Taking a step back to understand your current routine can help reveal an answer.


Looking for evening or morning exercise for kids? Get them involved with a school sport! Allow them to select a sport they are interested in and watch them soar from there.

Should they have a love for soccer or gymnastics or something else, you’ll definitely want to help them pursue what they will love. Plus, they’ll be able to interact and be social with other kids.


Fun is a really nifty tool because it can keep your child engaged in an activity for a longer period of time, and it makes learning a skill more attainable. Get creative, take advantage of holiday-themed activities that fit the season. Play has tremendous benefits, and it keeps you (and your child) wanting more.

Try playing to your child’s interests to see if it makes them want to get off the couch.