Loving Ourselves: A Love Affair Worth Fighting For

by Caterina Vaticano, Owner, Happy Life Snacks

We deserve to make our time on earth as fulfilling as possible. Humans, like all living things, are intended to thrive. We are “worthy” just for being alive, and learning the practice of self-love can radically change our lives.

Loving ourselves isn’t something we’re taught as children. Often, we feel inadequate because external forces planted untrue ideas about ourselves.

Seemingly happy, successful people suffer from the “I’m not enough syndrome.” That drives us to do things that will solicit admiration. Or, we don’t do anything at all, fearing judgement if we fail.

The end result is the same, we desperately seek love and validation from others, and we lose sight of ourselves and what’s most important to our personal joy and fulfillment. It’s a waste of the most precious commodities, our time and well-being.

How to cultivate love within yourself? 

Our past does not define us

Dwelling on the past keeps us trapped. Despite the hardships, we’re still standing, aren’t we?

Consciously choosing to contemplate the “good” lessons we’ve learned is healing and liberating. Take it a step further and share that wisdom with someone who can use hope and inspiration. Vulnerability with others creates authentic connection and relatability, but we hold back fearing we’ll be judged for our inadequacies.

Helping others in the simplest of ways, even with an encouraging word of wisdom is priceless. The rewards are immeasurable.

You’re an independent thinker

We shouldn’t let others influence our desires. We let others dictate what we need to be, do or have to have a great life. Uncovering what brings you inner peace and joy is the goal.

We unconsciously keep ourselves busy or distracted to avoid the truth about ourselves and the reality we’ve created.

Tune out the distractions, follow your intuition and move toward that which fulfills you. Be brave, and dig deep.

Watch your words and beliefs

Negative words and thoughts are destructive. The disempowering stories we tell ourselves aren’t true. They were placed there from external sources, mostly during our childhood.

Catch yourself when you’re berating yourself. Change your internal script beginning today, and over time, you’ll see changes.

These tips aren’t intended to instantly transform your life. Self-love is a process worth fighting for. Cheers to our continued strength in this beautiful journey called life.