Listen to your Feet

by Lynell Cavner, Owner & Master Certified Bowen Practitioner, Lynell & Company

From your toes to your nose and everything in between, your feet detail the story that lies within each fold and crevice.

How can that be? Well, our feet are the finishing piece to our human body during its knitting process. They hold the nerve endings to what’s happening deep within — kind of like the end piece of a patchwork quilt.

When one area of our body gets tangled up, it shows up in our feet. However, we have the ability to help that area of our feet become untangled.

For example, say your sinuses are super clogged. Did you know their nerves communicate all the way to your toes? The “bulb-part” of your toes (which is the nerve endings to the sinuses) will be puffy, kind of hard and scrunched down onto the pad of the foot (the section directly under the toes is related to lymph). There will be little to no room between the toes and the pad, and there should be a fair amount of room since our toes help our balance.

So, what can you do to help your sinuses and your toes? Gently pull the pad of the foot down away from the toes, starting just under the great toe, moving toward the tiny toe and repeat until the pad is soft and the toes are free. Not only will your balance improve, so will your sinuses. (No drugs needed; bonus!)

When one or both of our feet hurt, not only is our mode of transportation slowed down, so is our entire body motion.

If you break a toe it causes your balance to be off slightly, causing your gait to adjust accordingly, causing your muscles to react slower to manage this change, causing your body to be in total awareness of how to adapt properly to hold you upright. If that happens, be kind to your feet; allow full and complete healing.

It is a heck of a thing that we use these lovely padded, 10-toed communicators to motor us throughout our day. Walking around on them stimulates communication helping keep the threads untangled.

If you want to feel this communication, walk barefoot on fine gravel and your nerve endings will react and so will your insides. So pay close attention to feel your body’s response within.