Life is in the Cell! Part 2

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

Before you were born, you grew in your mother’s womb for nine months. Your mother’s health and circumstances impacted your life.

Was your mom well when she carried you? Or did she have a disease, such as cancer, diabetes or something else? Did she smoke or drink or use drugs, legal or illegal? Was she living in the country eating food raised on the farm? What was the water source she used? Did she live in the city, drinking water treated with various chemicals to improve its quality?

If she lived in the city, did she eat processed, packaged and canned foods? What work did she do? Was she exposed to chemicals as some women in WWII were when working in factories making bombs?

Was your mom a single mom? This is particularly a factor if mom was born in the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s, even the early ‘50s. It was considered very shameful to become pregnant in those days if you weren’t married. Many young unmarried women were sent away from home and put under tremendous pressure and stress.

Your birth order may be a factor in your long-term health and longevity. Were you baby No. 1 or baby No. 8 like I was? How old was your mom when you were born? A younger mom would have had a lot more minerals to give. If you were born first, you got more minerals than your younger siblings, and that is why older children often outlive younger siblings.

Your body’s mineral bank started out full thanks to your mom. As we grow and as we age, we tap that mineral bank. This is especially true if we are not making deposits along the way by eating mineral-rich food and drinking clean toxin-free water.

Mom was far more than an incubator. She was giving you every single element needed to sustain a healthy, long life.

We know so much more today about minerals, vitamins, foods, water filtration, chemicals and toxins than they did years ago. My hope is to empower men and women, young and old with knowledge that can impact their health no matter their age. Let’s get those cells dancing!