Life is in the Cell! Part 1

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

Have you ever marveled at how incredible the cells in our bodies are? They are the key to why we experience poor health and why, eventually, we die.

Let’s look at the basics of cells and their regeneration.  

Since our cells are 90% water, our water quality is very important. Water, H2O, is two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. Most people know how vital oxygen is, but what about hydrogen? Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the planet.

We start as one cell from our mother and one cell from our father, and then cells divide, replicate, and our brains, organs and limbs form in an amazing progression until we are fully formed and ready to leave the womb. This process happens because our cells contain all the blueprints needed to make us and to sustain us.

Note that when we are being formed in the womb, we are given a supply of minerals that will last our whole life. Our bodies do not make minerals, nor can they store them. Minerals are used to create energy so the cells can do the various processes they do every day of our life without one thought from us.

Cells are indeed brilliant! 

Death is just as much a process as is birth. The beginning of the process of dying starts with menopause or man-o-pause, because, yes, men go through an aging process too. Your body begins to run out of minerals, and we all go through the process of aging.

Here is how this happens: As we age, our 35 trillion cell walls eventually accumulate a thick mucus membrane around them. The body is preparing itself for life to end. I call it mineral pause! Because that’s exactly what happens — you just flat run out of minerals!

We all go through this process, and it is simple once you understand how the body works. We all come into this world as one fertilized cell, built from one cell from mom, and one cell from dad creating you, the new human being.

Part 2 in March: Get your Cells Dancing