Let’s Make Some New, Good Habits

by Blayne Soriano, Level 2 CrossFit Coach and CrossFit Kids Coach

To carry over from February’s month of heart health, one of the key health factors — if not the most important — is your nutrition!

What daily habits do you have? Are they good or not so great?

Most people I have worked with eat one to two meals a day, sort of healthy, sort of not. They overconsume caffeine and don’t get enough water.

These are the most common habits I see. And, well, they are not the best.

But instead of talking about healthy nutrition or going on about the benefits of nutrient rich foods, I am going to challenge you to pick up new and improved habits.

Here you go:

  • Increase your water intake.
  • Add two to three more servings of veggies into your daily diet.C hoose fresh fruits over candy, cookies or ice cream.
  • Limit your caffeine intake to one to two cups or 100 mg a day.
  • Increase your protein, meaning such foods as lean meats, eggs and clean protein shakes.

When talking about habit, it’s always about breaking them. Make them something you add in!