Let the Sun Shine In

have been a sun worshipper most of my existence. There is nothing I enjoy more than a sunny day to spend time resting and being active outside. I am more diligent about sun exposure now than 30 years ago, and I am careful not to burn or dehydrate, but I love the way the sun energizes and nourishes me.

Lately, I have seen some pro-plant propaganda that indicates humans need sunlight, water, earth, TLC, and because of that we are “basically house plants with emotions.” This is one of those concepts that is humorous because it is almost true.

Are we getting enough of these vital sources of energy?

In today’s modern living, 9-5 work or school keeps us inside most of the day. Inside we use artificial light, and at night, staying up well past sundown, we use even more. Dwelling in the city does not even ensure sunlight exposure when one is outside. Then there is some fear around sun exposure and skin cancer, which is reasonable but also can keep us away from a powerful source of energy.

Sunlight that enters the eyes stimulates the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus that then sends out signals throughout the body. The sunlight also stimulates activity in the pineal and pituitary glands. This is part of the circadian rhythm that has an effect on digestion, insulin sensitivity, fat oxidation, DNA repair, detoxification, autophagy, NAD metabolism and methylation.

The light is a signaling molecule that triggers many crucial processes in the body. These are functions that keep us vital, happy and balanced.

If sunlight is unattainable, fresh fruit and vegetables are the next best source of sunlight signaling. These plants are capable of storing light in an electromagnetic form called the biophoton, which is the smallest physical unit of light. Biophotons contain the bio-information needed to keep all our vital cellular functions moving properly.

The more light a plant can store, the more nutritious it is. This makes summer the ideal time to be outside, eat fresh local fruit to recharge and rehydrate and feel our best ever.