Key into your ‘Happy’ Hormones

by Lynell Cavner, Owner & Master Certified Bowen Practitioner, Lynell & Company

Consistency. I’m not talking about pudding here, I’m talking about routines. Do you live your life with a consistent routine, or does your day unfold haphazardly?

Down deep we all know what is good for us and what we “should be doing” to keep our bodies healthy. If you are unsure, take a peek back through the articles others and I have written about health within this magazine.

Healthy information is out there, it just needs to be put into consistent practice, something done regularly that keeps the body in harmony within itself.

Giving your “happy hormones” a good boost will help you develop consistent habits. The happier you feel, the more consistent you will be. Let’s look at the needed hormones:

Endorphins (pain killer): Move your body, laugh, be creative and eat a piece or two of dark chocolate.

Oxytocin (mood stabilizer): Give a hug, dance a little, give out compliments, have dinner with friends.

Dopamine (reward/motivation): Get moving, eat some protein, listen to music, get quality sleep.

Serotonin (contentment): Spend time in nature, be in the morning sun, do some gentle meditative stretching, achieve a goal.

Give yourself 30 to 90 days — one to three months — to mix and match the above activities to create your healthy habit.

I’ve recently had my “humanism” put to the test. I am thankful beyond measure this body, mind and spirit that houses my soul turned up its survival instincts and held me dear. This didn’t happen by accident.

It is all because of daily practices of conscious health from praying to eating to exercising to being worked on by the practitioners at the clinic and being thankful and loving of life itself.

Healthy daily practices are essential to developing consistent habits. Taking the time to learn what is harmonious with your mind, body and spirit will ultimately bless you with clarity, positivity and fluid movement within the nervous system of your body.

Without consistency, life will only be haphazard. Don’t let it be that! Life can be difficult enough without adding haphazardness to it. So, do yourself a favor and get consistent in your healthy habit building and look at life with love and gratitude.

You might be surprised at how vivid the world around you will become.

Lessons learned …