Keep Body Working Well to Help Your Mouth

by Blayne Soriano, Level 2 Crossfit Coach and Crossfit Kids Coach

We’re all one big machine, striving to have all parts work in conjunction. So, don’t forget that a healthy body inside lends itself to having a healthy mouth. Oral health is extremely important.

I believe, people should go to the dentist at minimum once a year for a full oral exam. We are lucky here in Prescott that we have so many great dentists to choose from. But outside of the office, there are many things you can personally do to keep up on a healthy mouth, no pun intended.

First off, a healthy diet that contains minimal refined sugars can be one way. Keeping your teeth flossed and brushed at least twice a day is important. Getting enough water is also a key component to a healthy body!

There are other ways you can cleanse the mouth naturally such as the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling.

Usually using coconut, sunflower or sesame seed oil, some say the swirling of oil around your mouth for five to 20 minutes can replace tooth brushing. Others disagree, saying it is best used as a supplementary practice that may kill harmful bacteria, keep gums healthy, freshen bad breath and improve overall health.

But me, personally, I think that the better you treat the inside of your body with nutrition and hydration the overall healthy you are all around.