Keep Allergens & Toxins Out of Your Home

We all want our homes to be a refuge from allergy-causing and health-damaging particles and chemicals of the modern world as much as possible. Since all the products we bring into our homes come from that same modern world, striking the right balance can be difficult.

There are plenty of steps you can take, however, to minimize the presence of these inside your home:

Double Up Your Welcome Mats

Placing one just outside your front door and another just inside can catch double the amount of dirt and debris tracked into the house, which can amount to 70% to 80% of what’s brought into a building, studies show.

Use Caulk

Seal any holes and crevices found in walls to keep dust, mold and vermin out, and redo any failing caulking in your tile to prevent moisture and mold from gaining a foothold.

Use Well-Sealed Vacuums with a HEPA Filter

These can capture up to 99.97% of molecules larger than 0.3 microns. This is effective against most particles and substances found in your home but cannot catch the smallest particulates, gaseous molecules of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or some viruses and bacteria.

Run the Exhaust Fans in your Kitchen and Bathroom

The fan over your stove pulls up cooking-related pollutants such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide while reducing humidity. The bathroom fan is there to dissipate the moist, mold-producing air left behind after a shower or bath.

Open or Close Windows, Depending on Your Circumstances

If you’re trying to keep pollen and dust out of the house or live in a polluted area, you’ll need to close them to prevent allergies and asthma attacks. If these are not a factor, open them up to release the chemicals that can build up from the products inside and exchange them for fresh air from the outdoors.

If You Have a Fireplace

Consider switching from wood logs to alternatives like those made of wood fiber and wax to reduce particulate and carbon dioxide emissions, or switch to a natural gas fireplace. Maintain your chimney regularly by yourself or hire a professional.