Jion Sommer – Q&A

Living Proof Naturally, Whole Food Plant-Based Health Coach, Meditation Teacher & Reiki Practitioner

HOW DO YOU DEFINE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE? For me, a healthy lifestyle is all encompassing including: Physical: Whole food plant-based nutrition, exercise you enjoy, restorative sleep, stress management (meditation, walks, qigong). You also need to give and receive love and compassion, forgiveness, laughter and happiness. Spiritual: Meditation, spiritual practices, inner calmness, trust in your inner knowing. Emotional: Meditation practice to calm the mind and transform negative emotions. Hiking in nature, friends to talk things over with. 

HOW DID YOU COME TO PRACTICE IN YOUR CAREER FIELD? I was sick for decades with Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and more and was on Maggie’s Hospice & Palliative care for three years. I saw a nutritionist who changed my diet to whole food plant-based, removed gluten and healed my gut. I went off all pharmaceuticals and supported my body with holistic modalities and I began to heal. I started Living Proof Naturally because I AM LIVING PROOF! It is my hearts work to share my journey and knowledge to inspire you to live a healthy life, to heal, to laugh and to love. Love yourself enough to start your healing journey. You matter! Start today because if I can do it, so can you! I believe in you and I now live a life I never dreamed possible.  

WHAT ARE YOUR PRACTICES TO KEEP YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY HEALTHY? I’ve been a Buddhist meditation practitioner for over 25 years. I teach both walking and sitting meditation and find it to be my most valuable regular practice to keep my body, mind & spirit healthy in every way. When I moved back to Prescott in 2005, I found my home at the Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley. I began, and continue to study and practice, as a student of both Garchen Rinpoche and Lopon Barbara DuBois. 

HOW DO YOU DEFINE SELF-CARE; WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO WAY OF PRACTICING IT? Self-care is every day — all day — eating a whole food plant-based diet, daily walks with my dog Tara, meditation practice, gratitude for my mind, body and spirit, singing and dancing in my kitchen when I cook, making time for all the amazing people in my life, having fun and laughter, lots of laughter!

WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST HEALTH AND WELLNESS TIPS? Start now. Make a healthy meal choice, take a walk, start meditating just five minutes every day, forgive yourself or someone else, be grateful, love fully — now! 

WHAT IS YOUR NEXT GOAL IN YOUR HEALTH, WELLNESS JOURNEY? I am currently enrolled at Cornell University. I am studying to complete the Whole Food Plant-based Nutrition Certification program by T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.