IV Vitamins and Hydration: What’s the Hype?

by Anita Farrelly, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM, and Jessica Dickinson, RN, BSN, Owners, Aboost Wellness and Salon

The pandemic has been a very confronting time for us. Never before have we been more aware of our body’s vulnerabilities to physical connection and the need to be proactive in our health.

We were taught to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we sneeze, but three years ago, the only individuals wearing masks were in an operating room. And, that was to protect the patient from infection, not the staff themselves. 

You may have seen new businesses and clinics now offering IV vitamins and hydration, and you don’t really understand what it is, or why you or your loved one would ever get such a treatment. 

Simply put, our bodies need vitamins and nutrients to perform essential functions. We traditionally get these from our food sources. But as we age, experience stress, have chronic health conditions, breathe in polluted air, eat pesticides, drink alcohol, get exposed to viruses or fail to drink enough water, our body may not absorb the micronutrients from the food we eat. 

IV vitamins can be a safe and effective alternative for delivering micronutrients to our cellular system so we may boost our mood, energy, immunity and calm our tense muscles, anxiety, sleepless nights and body aches. 

Each vitamin provides different benefits for your overall health and wellness. When in the setting of a registered nurse, under the direction of a medical director, the goal is to listen to what you are struggling with, provide you with education and vitamin benefit options, so you can be proactive in your own health and wellness journey. 

Your wellness is critical. Healthy cells are essential. And, being proactive is key.

IV vitamins and hydration, what is the hype all about?

It’s about you protecting your body from oxidative stress, which impacts how you absorb vitamins. It’s about you taking initiative in your own wellness plan. Finally, it’s about having energy, clear thinking and better sleep so you can enjoy your relationships, career and life.