It’s Time to Become a Summer Person

by Cathy Clements, Nutritionist & Life Coach, NASM CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

This is the perfect weather to get outside! It is said that people are specific seasons — I agree with that and feel I am a summer person!

I love the warm weather and being outside when it is sunny. It doesn’t matter to me if it is early morning, mid-day or late afternoon. I was raised mostly in the Valley and lifeguarded through college. I love the outdoors.

Our area is perfect for all kinds of activities, and since the heat of the summer hasn’t set in, it is the perfect time to be outside. No matter how conditioned you are, there is definitely something for you.

If you rise early, hiking trails around Commerce Street are great; not too long or difficult. In that same area, I see early pickleball players in the park! These activities can be done anytime but definitely early before the day becomes warm.

If these don’t fit the activities you enjoy doing, what can you do?

Just get out and walk through your neighborhood or drive into town and walk around the Courthouse, or drive to the mall and walk around the outside or the inside if it is too warm. Pools are starting to reopen, too. So get in a pool and walk or swim laps or take a water aerobics class.

If you decide to go downtown you can make a day of it by shopping. Then, pick up a to-go meal and have a picnic on the Courthouse grounds.

Although I only mentioned the trails closer into town, there are about 60 miles of trails around Prescott; easy to advanced. Find a friend of equal fitness and go for a hike on one of those trails. If you enjoy other activities like running or cycling, do that!

This is the perfect time of year to re-invigorate your fitness. Start where you are and work toward where you want to be.