Is your Gut Working?

by Anita Farrelly, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM and Jessica Dickinson, RN, BSN, Owners, Aboost Wellness and Salon

You know when you are having “one of those days”?

Woke up late. Not feeling on top of things. Computer won’t work. Wi-Fi is slow. House is a mess. Laundry needs done. Work deadlines are subconsciously pulling you down. Kids are unsettled. Even the dog seems out of sorts.

You’re not sure what to do first because everything feels like a priority.

But what if the root cause is your gut health?

In your reactive and stressed state — you eat a doughnut, ice cream, chips — convenience food. Does it make you feel better? Maybe — but now your already stressed body must break down the fatty foods you just consumed.

Consider that you aren’t seeing things the way they are. You are reacting to every pebble in the street because of the way your gut is.

Your gut — otherwise known as your digestive system or your gastrointestinal (GI) system — digests the foods you eat, abords nutrients from it and uses those nutrients to fuel and maintain your body.

Your gut plays a huge role in the health and well-being of your body. Your gut communicates with your brain, influencing your immune status, mood, productivity your resilience!

If your gut isn’t working well, your world might appear a bit discolored.

How can you let more light in?

IV vitamins

Imagine this, you are given a banana and if you eat it you would feel so much better. Even if you don’t like bananas, you might try it. But when you go to peel the banana you can’t get through the skin, you know what’s inside, but you just can’t get it.

This is exactly what can happen in your “gut.” Your gut may not be able to absorb nutrients because it is inflamed from the stressors of life, aging, infections or eating convenience foods too often.

With an IV vitamin infusion it would be like extracting the inside of the banana and putting all the goodness directly into your system.

Food is fuel, and, we are what we absorb. If your gut is not working properly or you are not eating properly your body might not be functioning at its highest capacity.

An IV vitamin infusion can be a great step in restoring your cellular health, energy and productivity.