How Eating Healthy Specifically Helps Women

This is for all the ladies out there. We know a healthy diet has positive benefits for our vital organs, but did you know that what we eat can make a difference specifically for vaginal health?

by Jennifer Martin, MSN, RN, Prescott Women’s Clinic

Here are just a few ways nutrition can benefit our health:

Maintain PH balance, decrease infection risk
Greek yogurt, kombucha and kimchi are examples of foods that contain good bacteria. These bacteria aide in keeping our sexual organs in their naturally acidic state. When PH is right, the risk for vaginal infections dramatically decrease.

Foods high in vitamin C are also important in combatting infection. Have you ever experienced bacterial vaginosis? Eating strawberries, bell peppers and citrus can reduce your risk of future infections, while the antimicrobial nature of garlic can help ward of yeast infections. 

Muscle strength
We all know Kegels are important, but did you know, the vitamin A in sweet potatoes is helpful when it comes to strengthening our vaginal walls and the pelvic floor — improved blood flow, increased libido, easier orgasms?

Did you know our vaginas require a healthy blood flow? Foods high in omega-3, like fish, and foods rich in magnesium, like spinach, help with this. Research shows adequate blood flow to the vagina can lead to improved sex drive and easier orgasms. 

Have you noticed your libido lacking? Studies show, two glasses of red wine a day can lead to improved sex drive by relaxing arterial walls in the vagina and increasing blood flow. It’s also high in flavonoids, which leads to the next topic. 

Decreased risk of ovarian cancer
Red wine, black tea, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and peppers are all high in flavonoids. Some studies show flavonoids can decrease your risk for ovarian cancer by up to 40%.

Drinking water is essential for our overall health and lubrication ability. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help our vagina’s self-cleaning system work at its peak.

Flax seeds and nuts will also improve lubrication. The phytoestrogens in flax seeds and high levels of vitamin E in nuts help hydrate mucous membranes combatting vaginal dryness. 

Contrary to what TV commercials make you think, our sexual organs are pretty low maintenance, and adding a few of these key foods every day can keep our vaginas healthy and happy!