Holiday Joy to you & me

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy

With a world full of worry and uncertainty, the holidays are the perfect time to appreciate everything we have in our life. It’s also an ideal time to show goodwill and kindness to those we love and to people we meet who may not be as fortunate as we are.

Joy is both a beautiful word and a wonderful feeling. Joy brings intense feelings of happiness, fulfillment and peace.

I feel joy is embracing and immersing ourselves in the moment. It is contagious and can make those who feel lonely and down, feel loved and cherished. It happens all the time with random acts of kindness. This is the season to be a “Joy maker!”

That’s my challenge to you and myself, too. Make joy your theme in everything you do this holiday season. Help someone who needs it. So many people are surprised at how joyful it is to lift someone else up. Maybe you know of a family that’s struggling. Find out how you can make a difference in their lives and give them a gift that touches their hearts.

Those who make a habit to give to others feel a sense of peace and joy by doing good deeds just because they can.

Creating joy can be as simple as giving someone a big smile and wishing them a happy holiday.

Have you held a grudge against someone and just don’t know how to make it better? Give them a call and ask how they are. Apologize if you did something to hurt them. Clear the negative energy with grace and love. You will be amazed how this selfless gesture can change the whole dynamic of your relationship. Even if it doesn’t, you will feel good about trying to mend the fence.

The best thing about writing articles for Prescott Healthy LIVING is that I get to share insights that can make a positive difference in someone’s life. You can do the same!

What the world needs now is joy for all of us. In the spirit of love and respect for others, now is the time, during the holidays, to extend the olive branch to your family, friends and strangers by being joyful and cheerful.

You just might get so much joy you’ll make it a year-round practice.

Have a joyful holiday.