Hiking in the Grand Canyon

A short 2-hour drive from Prescott takes you to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon.

by Molly Auman, Committee Member, The Launch Pad Teen Center of Prescott

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is majestic, but can be daunting. You should be prepared for the rugged terrain and intense weather. It can be 20 degrees on the rim and over 100 at the base of the canyon near Phantom Ranch.

Starting at Bright Angel Trail Head, you can hike down to the 1.5-mile house, the 3-mile house, Indian Garden (approximately 5 miles from the rim) or to Plateau Point (6 miles from the south rim). Plateau Point overlooks the Colorado River and is a beautiful place to enjoy lunch while taking in the scenery.

Always make sure you have enough food and water. There is water along the trails, but it is oftentimes turned off for maintenance, a broken pipeline or seasonally.

The best way to check for hiking conditions and water availability is visiting www.nps.gov/grca. Proper hiking shoes and trekking poles also are a great idea as the trails are rugged and the grades are steep.

The Launch Pad Teen Center of Prescott plans the annual Rim to Rim Trek for Teens the first weekend of October. For this endeavor an abundance of training is encouraged, and it is always a good idea to spend a little bit of time in the Grand Canyon prior to this event to get your “feet wet.”

For more information on this event, visit www.thelaunchpadteencenter.org needed, and check in on family, friends and neighbors.

The global pandemic forced us to cope with situations we never imagined, and many of us struggled with our mental health. Throughout, people who had never experienced mental health challenges found themselves struggling for the first time.

Remember, working on your mental health and finding tools to help takes time. By focusing on small changes, you can move through the stressors of the past year and develop long-term strategies to support yourself on an ongoing basis.

Consider taking a mental health screening. There are several online resources including one with West Yavapai Guidance Clinic, a local behavioral health provider.