Here’s the Lowdown on the Bullet Journal

A personal bullet journal is simply a quick and flexible system to help you track your short- and long-term goals.

The difference with a bullet journal is the process of creating it. For some people, decorating and illustrating a journal can become the focus rather than the original intent.

Official bullet journals exist, but any sturdy journal or notebook will do.

Start simply, a bullet journal begins with a blank journal and a pen. Decide what the purpose will be, usually productivity for work, home, hobbies or fitness and health goals.

Every bullet journal should include four sections: An index section at the front, a future log with long-term tasks, a monthly log and daily log with your to-do.

You then add different signifiers for tasks, events, notes, priorities and inspirations such as dots, triangles and circles. While creating a bullet journal may seem confusing, with patience you will find it can be quite satisfying.

A quick search online for tutorials will lead you to easy instructions and elaborate additions. It can be as decorated or plain as you want, but don’t be intimidated by amazing accounts with beautiful pages.

Just like any journal, you never have to show anyone unless you decide to. Make it your own and the streamlined approach may be just what you need to get yourself organized.