Here’s How to Stay Active in Autumn

1.Hiking. Prescott is the perfect place to get out and hike of one if its many beautiful trails.

2.Walking. Just get out there and walk in the beautiful crisp air.

3.Pumpkin picking. Head to the farm to pick your own pumpkin — fun for the whole family.

4.Corn mazes. Some corn mazes take an hour or more. Enjoy time with family or friends and get in a good workout.

5.Fall festivals. Walk around and take in the music, art and beautiful weather.

6.Bike riding. Pull out the bikes, fill up the tires and head out for a cardiovascular workout.

7.Running a 5K. Fall is perfect for running. Sign up for a themed 5K, and encourage your family and friends to join.

8.Raking the leaves. Instead of a chore, raking can be a workout during a beautiful autumn day.

9.Walking the dog. The weather is perfect and you both could use the exercise. Make it a goal to find someplace new to walk every few days.

10.Using TV time. Fall shows are back, but that doesn’t mean you have to watch them while sitting. Work out as you watch, setting situp and pushup goals for commercial breaks.

11.Learning a new outdoor sport. Get outside and spend time with friends while trying pickleball, soccer and even tennis.

12.Outdoor yoga. Take an outdoor yoga class or just grab your mat and find a spot on the grass. Yoga outside in nature is a beautiful experience.

13. Golfing. Always a great workout, and skip the cart if you can.