Help your Immune System with Clean Water

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

Our health has never been more challenged than today, especially our immune system. This system was overworked long before COVID ever hit, and now it is on overload. Seems many people are just not able to get back up on that horse after COVID.

What happened?

The body is being deprived of too many of the essential things it must have. Most of those things are found in water. Hydrogen and oxygen are vital to every cell in the human body — why the need for clean H2O.

Without these two essential elements the body will not and cannot recuperate. When in the Emergency Department, why do you think you are put on oxygen and given IV fluids? They know these are critical to your recuperation.

The gut alone contains about 80% of the immune cells and 100 trillion other microorganisms.

Most people don’t really understand the immune system. We’re not born with it. The body builds it as we grow and mature. What we put in that body determines how well that immune system is built and how strong it is.

I always talk about the good gut bacteria and the bad gut bacteria. The good guys are always trying to fight back and destroy the bad guys. Whichever one wins the battle determines if we get sick or remain well.

The immune system is a complex fighting machine that requires 5 liters of blood and our lymph system. The lymph system produces a clear and colorless liquid that passes through the tissues of the body to cleanse it. Lymph refers to the Roman deity of fresh water, “Lympha.” This is the fluid surrounding the cells. It’s vital that this fluid is as clean as possible.

Because cells are 90% water, you see why clean water is a must. These are two of the major elements of the immune system that keep it doing its job effectively.

You cannot believe how important drinking clean water is to your health over time. Not only does water provide hydrogen and oxygen to the cells, it provides all the other essential minerals needed for cell regeneration.

Water is the solvent that cleans out the buildup of toxic chemicals inside us.

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