Help Keep your Pets’ Joints & Muscles Healthy

Many of us overlook the value of adding supplements to our dog’s diets. Sure, the bag has all of these bullet points of added benefits, but is it really enough for your dog?

My dog looks to be in great health. He goes for 3-mile walks daily and has yet to show signs of being sore or stiff. This is good to hear; however, this does not mean he couldn’t use some extra support.

Why wait until there is a problem?

Most of us (humans and K9s) do not pay enough attention to our joint and muscle development until damage has already been done. Let’s get a handle on this and help Fido out.

There are a few things to ask yourself when wondering if your dog could use some extra supplementations in their lives. Start with the obvious questions: Is your dog a senior or large breed or overweight? How about an active dog or a small breed who jumps up and down to enjoy all of the furnishings in your home? If you have said yes to any of these, your dog may enjoy an additive or two to their diet.

What benefits joints and muscles? A few examples: Omega fatty acids, chicken cartilage, collagen, turmeric, MSM, CBD or glucosamine.

How to add such items into your furry friend’s diet? Start by consulting your veterinarian or stop by your local independent pet shop or feed store. We love independents! I find the staff is knowledgeable about the store’s products, and I find value from my purchases due to the quality of the products I am giving my dog.

There are many forms of product such as raw, powder, oil, topicals — the list goes on. Whatever you consider, just know Fido benefits from your decision, but keep in mind we do not see immediate results. However, if you stop a supplement we then often see the impact of being without it.

It is best to keep your dog going with added support and rotating forms so the body best absorbs the supplement.