Healthy Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Every Valentine’s Day, sales of chocolate, sweets and flowers skyrocket in a festival of romance. Not this year. Nothing says “I care” more than respecting your partner’s health and wellness goals as well as your own.

If you’re looking for healthy ways to celebrate on Feb. 14, look no further.

1.Start with a Walk — Walking is a way to share special moments either walking silently or chatting. Catch a beautiful sunrise, or meet after work and enjoy a sunset walk.

2.Cook Dinner — Studies show couples who regularly cook at home eat healthier and fewer calories. And there is something bonding about preparing a meal together.

3.Plan a Picnic — Pack a blanket (or two) and a healthy lunch for a romantic day out. Hike one of Prescott’s trails to make it even more fun.

4.Book a Couples Massage — Massages are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Look after your health while relaxing together.

5.Play Pickleball — It’s all the rage now. If you haven’t tried it, now is the perfect time to check it out together. Great exercise and a fun outing.

6.Ride Bikes — Get some fresh air and cycle together. Pack a picnic and enjoy each other’s company or make it a long-distance workout together.

7.Go Bowling — Remember how much fun bowling use to be? Get back to it and enjoy yourselves.

8.Play Laser Tag — It’s not just for kids. Laser Tag is a unique way to get in some competition and work up a sweat. Up the ante: loser makes dinner.

9.Hit the Golf Course — Play a few holes together and skip the cart to get in your steps. Even the driving range can be fun together.