Healthy Tricks to Feel Better Today

Take advantage of the here and now, and consider these easy steps to gaining and maintaining good health.

1. Drink a mug of warm water. Helps your bowel system.

2. Don’t wear high heels today. Lower that heel to avoid and/or ease bunions.

3. Set an achievable goal. Eat some fruit, avoid sugary drinks.

4. Just move. Use today to start building up your time on a treadmill, sidewalk or trail.

5. Make your own lunch. You know it’s healthier.

6. Relax. Whatever form it takes for you, just do it to ease any everyday or extraordinary stress.

7. Eat slowly. This promotes healthy choices, and you get fuller faster.

8. Eat some greens. They are loaded with nutrients, fiber and are low in calories. Just try it.

9. Downsize your dishes. This helps control portions. Cool trick.

10. Breathe consciously. Stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe down to your belly. Take it slow and easy.

11. Go outside. Look at a tree — there are plenty around in our area! Studies show the benefit of even looking at pictures of forests.

12. Dole out some hugs. Researchers say hugging can set off a chain reaction of stress-reducing chemical changes.

13. Put a live plant in every room. Helps purify your air.

14. Kick your shoes off before or as you enter your home. This helps combat environmental toxins and other gunky stuff from getting into your house. (Keep slippers just inside the door to make the switch.)

15. Just smile more. Not only will you automatically be more attractive, you’ll be more relaxed and happier. Helps lower blood pressure and heart rate. Also, smiles are a natural pain reliever.