Healthy Habits We Can Learn From Our Pets

by Loree Walden, Marketing Manager, Yavapai Humane Society

Be excited about that walk:

I’m not always in the mood to go for a walk, especially in nasty weather, but once I get out there with Cassidy Roo, I love it!

I’m enjoying the scenery, unwinding and spending time with her. Walking strengthens your bones, helps with controlling or losing weight, improves your mood and protects your heart and lungs.

Don’t forget about the benefits of that walk for your dog: It improves their joint function, helps regulate their digestive and urinary health and helps their weight and body condition.

Sleeping is good:

If you are tired, take a lesson from Fluffy and have a nice little catnap. Instead of working late or hanging out on our computers or social media, we need to shut everything down, including our phones and hit the hay early once in a while.

A good stretch feels so good:

Every morning when I wake up, Cassidy and both cats are on the bed. I’ve taken a lesson from them — they aren’t in any hurry and are doing big yawns and stretching out their bodies.

Now, I lay there and stretch my arms over my head and even do side-to-side stretches. Then when I do get out of bed, I imitate Cassidy and do the downward dog yoga stretch. It’s easy, feels great, gets the blood moving and helps with the stiffness I sometimes feel when I wake up.

Drink lots of water:

You wouldn’t give your dog soda or energy drinks — and you don’t need them either. I must admit, I’m addicted to Diet Coke but have been transitioning to drinking more water. I don’t think it has any taste, so I add some lemon, and it’s not so bad!

Water is crucial for regulating body temperature, helping muscles perform and moving nutrients through your body.

Enjoy occasional treats:

Dogs and cats love treats and so do we. When you give your pet a treat, I’m pretty sure they aren’t thinking about gaining weight or if it’s good for them or not, they eat without feeling guilty! Having a guilt-free treat occasionally can still be part of our healthy eating and as long as we don’t overindulge, it’s all good!

Play every day:

Do something you enjoy doing, and don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself.