Heal your Stress to Heal your Skin

Most everyone experiences some stress in their daily life, whether it stems from your job, family schedule, health issues or other sources. Many of us have learned to cope with it mentally, and some even thrive under pressure.

But your skin, especially when it’s prone to acne, dermatitis, eczema or other conditions, often tells a completely different story.

Hormones including cortisol and adrenaline are coursing through your body, triggering inflammation that fires it up even more. If you’ve been trying to manage these conditions for a while you’re likely familiar with the symptoms — pimples, blackheads, rashes, itching, dry skin and flaking.

Even if you’re not a frequent flyer into the dermatologist’s office, your skin shows the wear and tear triggered by these hormones and other stress effects like sleep deprivation, poor diet and overconsumption of food and alcohol.

New wrinkles on your face and bags under your eyes appear, dryness takes over, and you can even develop rashes, hives and fever blisters.

There are numerous products on the market that treat one or more of these symptoms, but they can’t resolve the stress that’s triggering them. To vanquish these often painful and embarrassing symptoms you’ll need to tackle the stress you’re under at a more fundamental level:

  • Schedule time to do the things you enjoy the most and bring you the most peace — exercise, reading, writing, music, meditation, socializing, hobbies, travel, learning and so much more qualifies for this.
  • Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, limited amounts of sugar and adequate hydration.
  • Get help with the stressors you do encounter, whether it means delegating tasks weighing on you at home or work or talking to a sympathetic relative, friend or counselor about chronic problems.
  • Put sleep at the top of your priority list by keeping and honoring a set bedtime.
  • Look for ways to release tension through laughter from whatever types of comedy do the trick for you!
  • Take the time to maintain your skin care routine so it’s easier for it to shake off the stress that does come up.