Go Outside and Play, but Don’t Forget to Clean Up

In the last year with COVID-19, people have been getting out on our trails more than ever. It is a great way to get exercise and clear the mind.

by Amanda Foster, Owner, The Hike Shack

We have hundreds of trails surrounding Prescott, and many volunteers, the City of Prescott, along with the Forest Service maintain our trails very well. 

Adopt-A-Trail through the USDA Forest Service is a good way to ensure the trails we love remain in good condition.  

With so many people finding their way to the outdoors to run, hike, bike, ride horses, kayak and do other activities, there is also more trash and opportunity to destroy the nature we are enjoying. Together we can protect and clean up our outdoor spaces to keep them healthy for generations to come. 

Please practice Leave no Trace and clean up after others. A common misconception is to think orange peels, sunflower seeds, and other sorts of food items can be thrown on the ground.  Orange peels take at least six months to decay, and if it is a wet season at all, can last indefinitely. Our trash and food can make wild animals sick and even kill them.

Many of the people exploring the outdoors are new to it.  Especially coming into the summer months, be sure you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store that day. Water, sun protection, and maps are all very important.  

Since Arizona heat can be excessive, be sure you have at least one liter of water for every hour you are out. If you are entering the wilderness with friends, you might want to take extra water to share in case someone you are with or that you run into needs some assistance. 

Taking smaller drinks of water more frequently is better than guzzling larger amounts of water quickly. Electrolytes can be helpful — they come in many forms such as powders, drops, liquids, even chews. Sometimes water isn’t enough. 

Especially if you are sensitive to sun, protection is mandatory. Hats, shirts with UPF, sunscreen, even sun gloves can make your experience much more enjoyable.

The City of Prescott trails map is only $1. A QR code and trails information are online.  

Get out there! We have trails for many skill levels, distances, views and experiences.  If you need help with finding the gear or trails that fit your needs, check in with your local outdoor gear store.