Get with a Group to Grab Fitness Goals

Do you generally like to work out but sometimes have trouble motivating yourself to do it after a particularly deflating day? Do you not hit your goals for reps because it’s just you and the folks on the 3-year-old YouTube video in the room?

Then it’s probably time to find yourself a pack.

Whether it’s an aerobics class, sports league or fitness-based “tribe,” there’s a gang out there that will help you be your best, healthiest self. Maybe it’s with people you already know or a posse of brand-new pals to punch in with, but either way you’ll probably find out you’re better together!

Here are a just a handful of the benefits of friends in a fitness flock:

Hiring a Professional

Onboarding a personal trainer gets expensive, so going for a group setting is a more affordable way to have a pro in the room while you’re learning and perfecting your form when it comes to burpees, lunges, triangle poses or Zumba steps. It’s not the same as going one-on-one, but you’ll usually have at least one or two classmates who can advise you as well.

Pushing Yourself

Getting into a little friendly competition with some of your classmates is one of the best ways to test your limits, as long as you don’t go so far past your comfort level that you get injured. Seeing others in the room moving a little faster or longer than you’ve done in the past is one of the best sources for inspiration you can find for pushing past the mental barriers you’ve created for yourself.

The Social Network

One of the surest markers of good physical and mental health is having an extended social network for bonding and support. Friends drop out of your orbit for any number of reasons over the years, so be open to embracing new ones. Go ahead and sign up for that yoga class or hiking group you’ve been eyeing — you’ll gain ground in so many ways!