Get Serious and Do the Research

by Cathy Clements, Nutritionist & Life Coach, NASM CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

Eat well, exercise, manage your thoughts. These are all repeated over and over as ways to help or stay in good health.

But what if you aren’t aware of your level of health? Or maybe you know it, but don’t know how and where to go to get the help. This was not “a thing” as I grew up. You did what you were told, for the most part, and you listened to those in positions of authority without question.

But in reality, you are the one who knows your body best!

I see this in women my age and older more than men. We didn’t question what doctors told us. But the truth is a great many, not all, general practitioners do not get the latest and greatest knowledge training outside of their area of expertise. This isn’t their fault, they get into practice and many don’t have the time to research or learn new areas; nutrition is one.

This is where you have to be aware and do some research.

I don’t mean Google it! Find good publications and journals and see what information is already out there. For instance, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. I thought it was a more advanced diagnosis of hypothyroidism (not enough thyroid).

I recently discovered it is considered an autoimmune disorder and that having one autoimmune disorder can make you susceptible to another. Then I discovered that endometriosis is also considered to be autoimmune. I had that in my early 30s. OK, now what? So I know these things.

Some autoimmune disorders are triggered by food. Now I go back to the doctor with this information and discuss how I move forward with nutrition that will not inflame my body.

I know of others who have different diagnoses looking for answers. They want to feel better and don’t know where to begin.

Begin by being aware of the diagnosis you have been given and research possibilities of how to move forward. Your health begins with your awareness of how healthy you are, what your health goals are and then discovering how to reach those goals.