Get Outdoors to Lessen Carbon Footprint

by Cathy Clements, Nutritionist & Life Coach, NASM CNC, CPT, FNS, WFS

We are blessed to be in Prescott! Our environment lends itself to us leaving a small carbon footprint if we choose. Exercise, fitness, movement —whatever we chose to call it and however difficult it is — can be done with little mechanical assistance.

Hiking is a great way to begin a day; watching the sun rise as we begin to sweat and breathe harder as we ascend Thumb Butte or Granite Mountain.

For some of us the exertion of walking our dogs on Peavine or around the block in our neighborhoods is the extent of our abilities. All of these work to increase our fitness.

Start where you are, and know where you want to go. Set goals! Get a good night’s sleep, and take water with you. The sun is rising earlier and so is the heat.

Although we have warmer days, leaving windows and doors open allows breezes to flow through; ceiling fans help to circulate the air.

We love to watch the sunrise or set through our windows, but as the sun rises the heat comes through those windows, too. Having the ability to pull curtains or shades is helpful to maintain the cooler conditions of the inside of our homes.

Cooking most of a meal or all of it outside, just adds to keeping the house cool. And who doesn’t love to grill?

As we make these changes in our own schedules to keep in tune with the changing daylight, don’t forget our wildlife is out there and moving around. A whistle or horn will keep larger animals away.

Take a friend with you! It was recently told to me that hiking and outdoor exercises should be done in groups of four to ensure if an emergency occurs there is someone to go for help, while others help the person in need.

Make sure you are staying safe as you enjoy Prescott.