Get in Tune with your Immune System

by John Murphy, Founder, Make 100 Healthy

The greatest thing you can do for your health and well-being is to keep your immune system in top condition. A healthy immune system protects you from illness, disease and infection. It also feeds and nourishes your body’s own cells to fight against foreign substances.

What exactly is your immune system? According to Medical News Today, the immune system is your body’s tool for preventing or limiting infection. It consists of a vast network of cells, organs, proteins and tissue throughout your body.

The foundation of a healthy functioning body is a strong and balanced immune system. That’s why those with a healthy immune system seem to fight illness better and have less disease than those with compromised immune systems.

So now that you know this, how can you increase and build your immune system?

The simple answer is to eat natural, nutrient-dense food, stay hydrated and keep physically active. But even those who do these things have deficiencies of the 90 essential vitamins and minerals needed for a fully functioning body.

The good news is that there are supplements with amino acids that can help you boost your immune systems performance. Here’s my daily supplementation mix:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Glutathione probiotic
  • Quercetin
  • Probiotic

Of course, you should consult your doctor or naturopath to customize your immune support program, as well as adding or subtracting to this list, based on your unique body needs.

In today’s times, it’s so important to build a proactive and protective defense shield against virus and disease. That’s how we build natural immunity against many potential threats to our health.

Our immune system is an incredible tool that supports long-term health and wellness. Tune into your immune system and give it the tune up it needs to give you the most protection possible.