Food Prep Doesn’t Fail

by Blayne Soriano, Level 2 CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach

Benjamin Franklin said: “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” It’s certainly true when your health is concerned.

Think meal prep.

We as a society live in a fast-paced world — always on the go, always working, always chasing the next thing. We have to take time for ourselves. We must have a plan!

You need to find a custom plan that fits your goals, and then you need to take 1 to 2 hours to prepare your food plan for 4 to 5 days at a time!

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be mundane. There are plenty of recipes out there to follow. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone for mentorship to help you!

An article in reminds us that with meal prep:

  • You are more likely to reach health goals
  • You save money
  • You can have variety and control
  • You streamline your shopping and decrease food waste
  • You prevent decision fatigue

Going into the new year, get yourself ready to buckle down and follow a meal-prepping plan so you can hit those goals without failing when it comes to nurturing your body in the busy schedules we all have!