Follow these Basic Rules to Beat Seasonal Allergies

The weather has been nothing short of perfect the past month, and we are so happy to get outside and get moving! Except, however, when we are miserable with seasonal allergies.

by Katie Borchert, NMD, MSOM, Pain Recovery Therapy & Esoteric Acupuncture

However, working with the basic guidelines that determine health on Earth, we can successfully enjoy the benefits nature and all the sunshine, fresh air, and pollen have to offer.

Making the most of the cornerstones of great health — breathing, hydrating, nutrition, sleep and rest, exercise or activity — will help tackle any concern.

Water, food

Adequate water consumption of the purest quality attainable does wonders for hydrating the colon. This improves elimination, which leads to less mucus and reactivity overall. Eating nourishing fresh foods that don’t contribute to allergen load is important for allergies.

It can be difficult to discern which foods one is sensitive to, but a food journal plus symptoms of allergies is the best place to start. By eliminating foods that cause reaction, the gut lining and immune system are strengthened, and we can be more tolerant of the environmental exposure.


Of course getting proper sleep helps us be more resilient to challenges, and seasonal allergies are no different. It can be an obstacle if congestion, runny nose, coughing or sneezing prevent good sleep. Try an air purifier when sleeping to prevent this. Also, wash linens frequently enough with soap nuts (without using fabric softener or dryer sheet) to leave the bedding clean and hypoallergenic.


Being active helps most people feel less congested and improves breathing. It does not have to be intense or at a gym to be therapeutic. Designing a specific stretch routine to do indoors with the air purifier or outdoors when the wind is low and away from peak pollen times is great for any body.


Even if breathing freely is compromised due to allergies, it is important to practice breath work. Aware breathing is one of the best ways to calm the nervous system. We can actually become better breathers by having a practice to strengthen the lungs and diaphragm.


This state of vibration and being softens us and lets us be in the present with full awareness. Otherwise stated, loving the process of experiencing allergies, making the appropriate changes and then experiencing feeling better is a tremendous victory.