Finding the Healthy Balance in Boxing Techniques, Attributes

by Coach Jarek Slagowski, Owner & Head Coach, Grind Boxing Gym

Boxing is called The Sweet Science because it is so technical. Good technique is by definition the most optimal movement that allows a boxer to be effective both in offense and defense. For hundreds of years, every boxing technique has been analyzed for this optimal effectiveness. A 1-inch difference in a block or a punch can mean the difference between scoring or getting hit. 

As a boxer, you need to practice both offensive and defensive techniques, blending them together to defend yourself even as you attack. 

As a fast sport, boxing requires instantaneous seeing and proper reactions. This differs from everyday life where we have time to see, process what we see and finally react. In boxing, we must remove the processing step. Also, to react effectively, proper techniques must be planted into muscle memory. This is achieved by countless repetitions over time. 

But techniques are not enough. A good boxer also needs attributes like flexibility, functional strength, conditioning (endurance), plyometric (dynamic) power and speed. Incorporating attribute drills and exercises into your daily routine will boost your health and make you a better boxer.

Flexibility develops over time by stretching properly every day. Not only will this prevent injuries, it will improve all daily activities.  

Functional strength exercises create stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments, which translates to better, stronger joints. Dynamic power and speed are attributes required especially for competitive boxing. 

Conditioning drills and exercises build stamina and endurance. These drills also contribute to a healthy cardiopulmonary system.

As you practice to improve your attributes, remember they come through hard training over time. Once proper boxing techniques are imbedded in your muscle memory they will stay with you longer, but will also fade without practice. 

Practicing techniques and attributes together in a smart way achieves good, healthy results and keeps boxing training interesting. There is no limit to the variations in boxing training sessions, so they’re never boring. 

With boxing, there is always more to learn and practice. That is why we call it The Sweet Science.