Find Workout Motivation Everywhere you Look

Everyone’s eagerness to work out can flag from time to time — some would say it does so all the time.

That’s when you need to plant flags all around you in the form of encouraging Post-its, athletic shoes placed where you can trip over them, great podcasts and audiobooks on your phone and generally making it as hard as possible to not get at least two and a half hours of physical activity per week.

On those days when you or your life is getting in your way you can switch up your schedule or create new incentives that will get you moving, full stop!

Make it about more than exercise

If the post-workout euphoria just isn’t there for you, find other ways to bring joy to your workout.

Find another hobby or activity that can be integrated into your exertion to make the time go faster and more productively, such as scouting for great videos or photos to take, material for your next book or rehearsing asking for a raise at work.

Or if your mind is finding it too easy to wander into unproductive corners you could try another type of workout you might find more engrossing, such as running versus yoga.

Having a buddy or group of friends to train with can be incredibly effective on this front.

Make it rewarding

When a far-off 20-pound goal isn’t enough to pull yourself out of bed on a cold morning, another tactic is to promise yourself something tantalizing once you’re through with the workout. Of course you can’t rely on any counterproductive decadent treats that will set you back on your fitness goals, but it shouldn’t be difficult to find other prizes to keep your eye on.

Maybe it’s a healthy smoothie to cool down and refuel after a torrid sweat session or a half-hour with that book you’ve been trying to find time for.

Make your roadblocks disappear

When there’s a particular scheduling glitch or thought process that’s repeatedly tripping you up, it can take more than just a little positive thinking to knock yourself back into the right groove.

Whether it’s a semi-predictable work or family commitment getting in your way or a self-defeating voice stuck in your head, it’s time to pinpoint what’s throwing you off course and steer around it.

It could be just a matter of rearranging your day to make sure you get to the gym or avoiding the people who don’t support your goals or drain your energy.

Make your workout play!

What’s most important is to find out what makes you feel good — dancing, hiking, weightlifting, mountain biking, basketball, whatever sets you free!

And don’t be afraid to try out new exercise options whenever the opportunity presents itself, because you’ll inevitably hit a plateau no matter how much you enjoy what you’re doing and will want to switch things up, at least temporarily.