Find the Fun in Kids’ Snow Play

Many kids would rather stay inside with their video games rather than venture into snow and the freezing temps that come with it, regardless of all the TV news shots of them building snowmen after a storm. And snowball fights are fun — if they’re short. 

Here are some healthy, physical activities to bring the family outside long enough for everyone to warm up and realize blankets of snow are a blast!

Snowball toss
This is fun, easily adaptable to different ages and makes room for competition without getting snow smashed in your face or slipped down the back of your neck!

Target practice
This is another safe way to bring some competition to the mix. You can draw a target on a piece of paper or cardboard to tape to a tree or use colored water to create one in the snow.

Inner tube racing
Dig out and inflate these pool toys and have kids race each other using just their feet and legs. If you have a hill you can slide down this becomes a little less of an exercise and a little more of a cool thrill!

Build a course in your yard by shoving cans into the snow every few feet and marking them with little flags, then find some goofy clubs or other implements to hit golf balls. This can be a great intergenerational game where adults teach kids some of the fundamentals of the sport.

Snow Maze
Perfect for the littles, all you need to do is put on a pair of hiking boots or snowshoes and make tracks in the snow for them to follow, for a great developmental activity that’s loads of fun! 

Pin the Smile on the Snowman
Have the kids build a snowman or snowwoman, then blindfold them and give them some chocolate cookies to create a face, outfit and whatever other accessories they conjure up. Great for developing coordination, as well as entertainment. 

Winter Morning Hike
Bring the family together for a winter hike after a fresh snowfall, where you can find animal and human tracks and rediscover your favorite places now that they have a completely different appearance.