Filter your Water for Better Health

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health

I recently watched a documentary by Stew Peters that just came out April 11 called “Watch the Water.” Very interesting and thought provoking information.

I have said for years, “If they ever want to take a lot of people out it will be with water.”

Yesterday’s water systems aren’t built for what’s going on today with our drinking water. The technology has changed drastically even in the past year. You must be an avid student on water to keep up with what’s needed to remove and reduce the new chemicals showing up in water every day.

As I say, “One size never fits all when it comes to water.”

To conserve water our whole country is recycling/recharging water, better known as run off, affluent, gray or wastewater. This water is put back in the aquifer or in storage banks. In Arizona we recharge about 90% of our water due to drought and heat, it’s been going on for many years throughout the U.S.

Chlorine was classified as a known carcinogen 40 years ago but not today because it’s in every municipal water system in the USA. They have to use something to control the bacteria and viruses found in water. I realized when dogs and cats started getting the same cancers as humans something was seriously wrong. We don’t eat the same food but we do all drink the same water. I’ve also said for many years water quality will be the issue before water quantity. The worst thing we’ve ever done was use our water for flushing toilets; everything is getting back into our drinking water.

That realization changed my course from a hospital lab to water research and designing water filtration systems. My company was born to help clean up our water and improve our overall health.

I saw firsthand — as toxic chemicals in water increased — our health decreasing rapidly. Toxins and chemicals feed cancer and all diseases. They love the acidity of toxins.

Our bodies just can’t handle the overload of toxins and chemicals in our water today.

It’s not a hard problem to correct when you understand the molecular and mineral structure of water and water’s incredible intelligence. Water is going deeper and deeper into the ground to protect itself.

We can change our water’s quality, one home at a time. Remember Buy a filter or BE a filter, it’s true.